We're convinced that every person on the planet is connected to a common story whose beginning starts with God.  A God who is perfect love and who can be known by those who seek him on his terms.

what we're doing

Getting the story right

What if we've gotten God's story wrong?  What if God really did come in Jesus Christ, just as predicted, but we're living with less than the whole story and so we're missing the power and transformation that truly knowing God has historically produced?

God's Story

It doesn't matter what we believe to be true about God.  The only thing that matters is what is actually true.  If the story of God in Jesus is true, then it's not just true for some people. It's true for everyone.  Regardless of faith or unfaith.  Tradition or no tradition. Unbelief does not make something untrue.  When you know the whole story of God and then you put that story to the test, you will always discover that the God that Jesus revealed is true and real.

Your Story

Everyone has a personal story that is unique to them.  For most people, this is the most important story in the world.